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Okay yes there are a few fetish drawings.
If you do not like it
do not view it. :D Simple as that.



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Hello,I'm Danny and welcome to my page.

|15|Asexual/Pansexual|Single and to shy to mingle

Likes:Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve, Creepypasta's, Hannibal, WTNV, Books, Classical music, writing and much more Oh and omo too. heh

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Bio base is by: 
•Basic info•

Pasta name (not their actual name, what people know them as): Scully Lost It
Name: Simon McCoy
Nickname: Scully
D.O.B: May 12th 
Age: 27 [In human years]
Species: Dead human/snapped. 
Currently living: In an abandoned hospital  


Mother: Un-known
Father: Un-known
Sister: Claire McCoy [Alive] 
other family members:--

•physical features•
Height: 5'8
Weight: 129
Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): Besides his face. A long scar on his spine
Other noticeable mark(s): His mouth/lower part of his face is ripped off [But he wears a surgical mask]
Physical strength(s): Sneaky/quiet, strong, good eye sight.
Physical weakness(es): Can barley speak, dis-formed spine [Hard to run fast]

•about him/her•
Personality: Sadistic, lack off empathy [Unless it's a young child or someone he 'loves']
Like: Books, surgical thing, creating 'art'
Dislikes: Loud people, people tampering with his things, kissing.
Back story: When Simon was a teenager he had to get surgery for his scoliosis.  It was far to expensive for his parents, so his father found this 'surgeon' who said they would do it free of charge. The surgeon was a sick man who just wanted to to experiments to young people. 
The surgeon conducted an experiment to see if certain nerves of the spine alters the functions of the mind. Unknowingly the surgeon killed Simon.When the surgeon was done and once Simon 'woke' up, he found out that the surgeon didn't even fix his spine, Simon felt a new anger  build up, something he'd never experienced so intensely before. He found the surgeon and proceeded to take out his angers by disemboweling him. 
How(s)he kills: He lures his 'blank canvas' then knocks them out [Not to much but just enough for them to blinking in and out of conciseness, so they can still feel everything.] he then takes a scalpel and slowly cuts and takes out there organs and forces his victim to watch him take his mask off and eat the organ before we fully kills them.
Saying: Fate is what brings you here, it's me who will end you.
Theme Song: I don't know. Some help here?
  • Watching: Vinesauce

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